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Child Psycholgist


Therapy for Children and Youth

Play-based, age appropriate, evidence-informed treatment.

The Help Hub works with children and teens one-on-one and with their caregivers in a safe and caring way. By engaging in interactive activities, children and teens explore and learn new concepts, develop insight and gain new coping strategies - in as fun a way as possible. 

The Help Hub supports young people to improve their ability to regulate their emotions, manage symptoms of ADHD, anxiety and depression, and cope with tough life situations like bullying, separation/divorce and trauma.   

When working with children, it is important to work with their grown-ups as well. Parents have the most influence over their children's development, so it's important that the knowledge and skills learned by children in the therapeutic environment are reinforced at home. 

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Parent Coaching

Parenting is hard work! Everyone benefits when parents feel confident.

Some kids don't need too much from their parents. We have all seen them at the playground - those kids and parents that make it all seem so...well....easy.

Other kids need parents with a PhD in parenting - not because the kids are bad or difficult, but because their needs are different. Parents today are inundated with parenting advice - so much so, that it can be hard to figure out which direction to take or what to do. It only gets more complicated when your child is facing challenges. It's understandable that parents are having a tough time! 

Many parents are exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated that things aren't going the way they envisioned them. Through parent coaching, you may not earn a PhD, but you will gain knowledge, support and tools that you need to be the confident, calm and effective parent you want to be.

Most importantly, you will have the support you need to redefine your relationship with your child and be the best parent you can be. Everyone wins.

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Family Therapy

Supporting healthy relationships.

Families can be places of joy, safety and wellbeing. Many families are complicated, and maybe things have gotten hard lately. Family therapy can help get things back on track, and reinforce healthy relationship patterns.

Some families find that having outside support can help to navigate tough conversations, learn new communication patterns and identify what's getting in the way of family happiness.

The Help Hub supports many different family constellations, including blended families, single-parent homes and same-sex parents. 

If you think family therapy might help, reach out for a free consultation today.

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Service Navigation 

Support in figuring out what kind of help you need and how to access it.

Understanding Ontario's services for children, youth and families can be complicated - even for those of us with lots and lots of experience! 

If you or your child or teen are having a hard time and aren't sure where to find help, The Help Hub can work with you to identify options and make a plan. You don't have to go it alone. 

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Case Management & Care Coordination

Helping you fit the pieces together so you can focus on what matters most.

Children and youth sometimes have complex needs that require various service providers' involvement. Unfortunately, gaps in the system can leave parents scrambling to coordinate care. Add to this the demands of caring for their families, themselves and often trying to juggle full-time jobs. Not to mention the impact of the pandemic and the ever increasing to-do list that comes with homeschooling, sourcing PPE and other never ends. 

Parents are increasingly having to contact various providers and convey information from one to the other to make sure everyone is on the same page, advocate for services from multiple different organizations, keep the school in the loop...and on and on. It is not sustainable to ask families to try and juggle it all and, often, parents feel they don't have the skills and knowledge to know what to ask for, when, or from whom. 

If it all feels like it's a little too much, reach out and lets see if we can make a plan together to ease the burden, so you can get back to focusing on what matters!

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Putting your child at the centre of the conversation.

Do you feel unseen, unheard, and left out of your own child's care? Does it feel like no one is listening? Or that no one will take responsibility and step up?

As a parents and professional, I know that getting the help your child or teen needs can be an uphill battle, and it can feel like an unwinnable fight. It only gets harder when you're already feeling exhausted and defeated by the challenges facing your family. 

The Help Hub has developed a set of effective tools that help build positive relationships with service providers and achieve outcomes. You know what you need - let The Help Hub teach you how to get it. 

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Art Therapy

Creative expression in a therapeutic context.

Sometimes people have a hard time expressing their thoughts, emotions and experiences. Art therapy offers a safe and constructive outlet for children, youth and even families to express themselves, make sense of their world, work through challenges and enhance their well-being. 


Each child and family is unique, and art therapists tailor their interventions to meet individual needs. Additionally, art therapy is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches to provide comprehensive support for children and families facing various challenges.

The Help Hub offers art therapy to individuals aged 3 and up.


Art Class
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